Thrive at Your Size

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Ditch the scale and Make peace with food!

Are you ready to give up dieting and ditch the scale? Have you spent a lifetime thinking about food and your weight? Have you tried every diet craze out there and always been let down? Do you obsess about food? Have you been told to lose weight due to some kind of health condition that you have, but you struggle with accepting this as the real cause of said health condition?

I am here to bring you out of the diet mentality and assist you on this healing journey of accepting your body and making peace with food.


About me

Hi, I'm Sophia. I am a Registered Non-Diet Dietitian. Throughout the past 12 years, I've counselled many people with a variety of conditions and illnesses and the number one thing I hear people say is that they want to lose weight. For the past three years, I have embarked on a journey of discovery that has led me to learn about Health at Every Size™, body positivity, and intuitive eating. I am currently working toward my Certified Body Trust Provider certificate through Be Nourished.

My interest in nutrition started sometime in my teens, but not exactly for the “right” reasons. I stepped on a scale at age 13 and thought I was getting too big and this started a negative relationship with my body until fairly recently. I would engage in harmful behaviours to keep my body at a certain size.