Mission, Vision, and Ethics

Vision Statement

That all people feel secure and safe walking on this earth in whatever body they have.

Mission Statement

Thrive at Your Size provides a safe space for those seeking to heal the damage and trauma inflicted on their bodies due to the insidious messaging of the diet industry. I will walk with you on this journey of discovery and provide encouragement, information, and advice when needed. I will provide support and education to build each individual's knowledge around body positivity with no diet talk whatsoever.

Ethical Statement

  1. I welcome people of all ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, and ethnicities.
  2. Who I serve: I serve those who struggle with body acceptance and with their relationship to food; those who have a history of dieting and are tired of the messaging from society that thin is ideal and they are not worthy if they do not look a certain size or shape.
  3. What I do: I provide a non-judgmental, non-diet, and weight-inclusive approach. You are the leader in your health journey and I facilitate and provide support and information when asked or needed. You will never be weighed unless needed or would like to be weighed. I will address all of the factors that contribute to your current health status (emotional, spiritual, cultural, and economic).
  4. Ethical premise and values of my work: I recognize that diet culture is inherent in our society’s messaging and I provide a space to counter that idea. I work with you and respect your needs, ideas, and history. I will strive to acknowledge my own biases and privilege and endeavour to hold space for you when your stories and experiences do not reflect the ideas of the dominant culture in our society.