How I can help you....

When you’ve had enough of dieting and are at your wits' end about what to do, when you want to accept your body but still feel like weight loss is the key to success, when you find yourself binging and then restricting and feeling guilty about your food choices… and you’ve just had enough...

That’s where I step in. I can be your guide on this new healing journey of body acceptance, and ridding yourself of the messages of diet culture and that your body is not ok at the size that it is.

It takes time to learn and accept this new way of thinking and I promise to be there for you and provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore the idea of shedding self-hate instead of weight, of letting go of dieting and of the idea that transforming your body will give you the "perfect life"...

Newsflash: You can live that life at the size you are. You can be the best version of yourself at the size that you are. You can learn to grow and appreciate who you are, show self-compassion and lose the guilt that can come with food.


  • Accepting and loving your body exactly as it is.
  • Losing self-hate instead of weight.
  • Being the best version of yourself NOW.

What a session will look like: 

Use the "Contact me" form to send me an email expressing interest with meeting with me or even if you want more information before setting up an appointment with me. I am happy to provide more information regarding what I do. Once we set up a time, I will give you an assessment form that is used only for me to get to know you better and for you to really think about your own body journey and prepare for our time together.

I will provide 1:1 nutrition therapy sessions tailored to your needs. I am able to meet in person at my office at 153 Seymour St. in Kamloops, BC, or virtually.

Individual sessions cost $120 and are one hour long. In terms of coverage, some insurance plans cover Registered Dietitian services so check your personal plan for details. I can provide a free 15-30 minute consultation over the phone or in person to see if we are good fit and you like what I have to say. 

What are you waiting for? Ditch the scale and thrive at your size!